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TwistedBrush Pro Studio 24.03 is now available and can be downloaded from the Pixarra website at

Here is what's new in 24.03

* Added - Option to save a page as the default page (template) when using the New menu command.
* Improved - When using the trial, default the page to the maximum page size allowed to avoid the startup warning about page size.
* Improved - Expanded the width of the mix mode drop down list on the layers panel.
* Improved - Page Up, Page Down, Arrow Up, Arrow Down will scroll the thumbnails in the Page Explorer. Must mouse click on a thumbnail first.
* Changed - Page Explorer hotkey is now F10.
* Fixed - Add Brush Controls was showing three incorrect ArtSets that were not Brush Control ArtSets.
* Fixed - When using the trial, Page Explore would crash. Page Explorer disabled in trial.
* Fixed - The common message dialog had some text cut off.


Here is what's new in 24.02

* Fixed - Splash window not working correctly in trial mode, could result in a crash.

Here is what's new in 24.01

* Added - The full collection of brushes from Luminance Studio. 130+ brushes in 5 ArtSets.
* Added - The full collection of brushes from Pixel Studio. 50+ brushes in 1 ArtSets.
* Added - The full collection of brushes from Selfie Studio. 100+ brushes in 7 ArtSets.
* Added - Brush effects 3D Highlight Color and 3D Shadow Color added.
* Added - Option added to use or not use unique cursors for tools. In Perferences.
* Added - 4 more levels of brush effects added. Now 32 levels of brush effects are possible!
* Added - Rotate v2 filter added with slider units in degrees.
* Added - Color coding added for the Layer panel.
* Added - Hotkey Ctrl + Spacebar to zoom in added.
* Added - Hotkey Shift + Spacebar to zoom out added.
* Added - Copy Page and Paste Page added to the Edit menu.
* Improved - Complex brushes and particle brushes are up to 2x faster!
* Improved - Clips panel bank selection is improved with a numbered list.
* Improved - Clips panel bank list now allows naming of banks.
* Improved - Refreshed the visual layout of the main panels.
* Improved - Improved the layout of tool options to avoid cropped text.
* Improved - Expanded the size of the Preferences Dialog.
* Improved - General improvements to a number of dialogs.
* Improved - Internal improvement to allow filters to have more applicable slider scale and units.
* Improved - Lua script sliders can now define, start range, end range, increment, decimal places and units.
* Improved - Increase number of visible characters for the layer name in the layer panel.
* Change - Splash screen bottom bar was updated to be white.
* Change - Don't automatically bring Layers, Ref Image and Brush Effects panel to the top when mouse passes over them.
* Change - Paper settings are now under the Page menu.
* Change - The Rotate Brush tool will once again show the normal cursor rather than tool cursor.
* Change - The Adjust Brush tool will once again show the normal cursor rather than tool cursor.
* Change - Right click no longer updates the color palette. Shift + click is needed.
* Fixed - The Bonsi Leaves brush was not working.
* Fixed - Crash if showing Windows desktop when the Select Brush panel was active.
* Fixed - Repeat wasn't working with the Line tool.
* Fixed - Brush Effects panel was not properly showing the dropdown button for brush category and brush sub-type.
* Fixed - The Zoom to Center option was not working correctly.


Ken Carlino


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Thanks for the updates and improvements. I have several other graphics apps and they are fun to play and experiment with but when I want to get something done I use TB.


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Hi Bob, thanks for the feedback!

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