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Pixel Studio 3.03 is released and available for downloading on the Downloads page.

Here is What's New in v 3.03:

Added - Brush Control Panel now available!! Allows for easier brush adjustments on par with Pro Studio.
Added - Paint Bucket tool added.
Added - Gradient tool added.
Added - Rectangle Mask tool added.
Added - Ellipse Mask tool added.
Added - Polygone Mask tool added.
Added - Lasso Mask tool added.
Added - Magic Wand Mask tool added.
Added - Warp tool added.
Added - Clips panel added.
Added - 4 more levels of brush effects added. Now 32 levels of brush effects are possible!
Added - Menu Bar added.
Added - Tool Bar added.
Added - Tool options added for all tools.
Added - Auto Mask Fine Tolerance brush effect added with 100x the sensitivity of the original.
Added - Brush effects 3D Highlight Color and 3D Shadow Color added.
Added - Hotkey Ctrl + Spacebar to zoom in added.
Added - Hotkey Shift + Spacebar to zoom out added.
Added - Copy Page and Paste Page added to the Edit menu.
Added - Slate Light theme added.
Improved - Greater compability with Windows 10.
Improved - Complex brushes and particle brushes are up to 2x faster!
Improved - Page Up, Page Down, Arrow Up, Arrow Down will scroll the thumbnails in the Page Explorer. Must mouse click on a thumbnail first.
Improved - Brush Effect panel updated to use the selected color theme.
Changed - Page Explorer hotkey is now F10.
Fixed - The Quick Commands, Lum + 1, Lum + 3, Lum -1 and Lum - 3 were not working.
Fixed - Crash if showing Windows desktop when the Select Brush panel was active.
Fixed - The Zoom to Center option was not working correctly.
Fixed - Links in Help menu were incorrect.


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