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Originally Posted by Isla Burridge
Hi Rob,

Just looking in briefly so you know I am alive and kicking and well as usual.   Just very busy.   Have had quick looks from time to time but have missed heaps.   Hope to catch up after Christmas/New Year.   Hope you have recovered fully.

Well a fella no less - a very bright and bushy tailed one.   Great Stuff.

Cheers Isla

Hi Isla!  Busy, busy, busy lady!  Yes a fella, and I'm working on another fella to see how I go, may not post this one though.  I like your comments re bright and bushy tailed  haha..  keep well yourself, I'm not fully over it yet, but hope I will be. Could take another 6 months.   [smile] Rob

           let your art flow
  ¯`’•.¸*♫♪♥() ♥♫♪*¸.•’´
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