• Train passing unseen
    Vivienne I'm touched that my painting brings back memories of your days train-travelling :) I think there is something magical that we've lost and travel has no romance, but memories keep the trains, like "Billy" puffing along even if only in imagination. Thank you :)
  • Down The Track
    Hi Don,

    Ive been checking your work. Very original style. Striking images ;) I particularly like the paintings "Moonshiner" and "Seagulls". The composition of that last one in particular.

    This painting has a great angle making the track appear a landscape in and of itself - a powerful statement about past journeys and the future. A film camera angle that gives the track a significance in the otherwise stark landscape.

    I also like the way you have avoided putting any birds into the sky. That brings a stillness that resonates with the theme of something already passed and gone.

    The sign causes a physical distance between it and the lamp to be much more apparent, and that echos the idea of the past being distant, that the future will have events that cross and cause interraction. But the viewer is closer to the past (the lamp is larger than the sign) - can't let go perhaps?

    So much possibility in an apparently simple subject matter. Well painted Don :)
  • Train passing unseen
    Thank you Robyn. That's great that the picture resonates with your love for trains. When painting it I imagined an almost plaintive whistle from the train caught on the breeze, adding to the stillness and owl sounds surrounding this passing locomotive. I imagined how many moments like this went unsen in the past. The sky was done at such speed, it was instinctive and I really did not have time to stop and only later realised it would pass muster.
  • Train passing unseen
    Rita, that is a lovely comment. So would I!

    And you as well Rita :)
  • Train passing unseen
    Cheers, Don. Yep, my painting harks back to the days of steam and the romance of travel that has now passed.
  • Train passing unseen
    Thankyou Robert. That's a strange coincidence. The first person to like this painting when I posted it on facebook several days back was a friend called Lee Robert McStein. Synchronicity abounds!
    I hope to find time to check the gallery tomorrow, hope I see some of your work. Cheers.