• Ronnie Baker
    Great work - nicely painted.
  • Nature
    I can't resist a broad spectrum of vivid color and a full canvas. Beautiful work !
  • Ghost Town
    I really like the composition and focus here. It's bold ! Excellent work.
  • Three Clocks One
    TB was used for most of the effects, background work,fine-tuning, and some of the detail painting. This painting features a lot of airbrush work. Each object ( dial, clock body, etc. ) was built in its own series of layers, which were individually tuned before being merged together. This is the first in a series of three paintings featuring clocks, which I'm hoping will work well in print as a three panel display for a living room or something similar.
  • Paint
    I'll do some experimenting with this and see what I can do - thank you !
  • Paint
    That looks like it has some potential. I'd like to give that one a try. Thanks for the help !
  • Paint
    I'll give it a try - thank you.
  • Life Goes On
    Nice work !
  • Smile
    Great work ! There's not a brush stroke you could change that would make it any better.
  • sun and shade
    Excellent work. Vivid, nicely composed, and very focused.
  • PSD Import is screwed up
    I take care of several computers at work, and the Windows Creators Update has been causing all kinds of problems both there and on my machines at home. If that thing is ready to install / pending restart, you'll have all sorts of problems until you get it fully installed.
  • Paint
    Without advertising the competition, there are a couple programs that do a pretty good job with this. I always drag stuff out of TB to paint my heavier brush stroke stuff, and then bring it back in for finishing. I can get some nice effects and detail with TB brushes, but no thick paint that I've been able to find. I've got tons of software, but TB is my home base. If it had this one feature, I could see myself doing a lot more work start to finish in it.
  • Mixer
    This is my first new work in several years ( I was here before). TB is my program for all of the stuff that you don't see, which accounts for about half of the process, if that makes any sense.