• Witch Doctor
    Terrific work Don! A great setting for your witch Dr. I can concoct 3 faces out of the middle top bit. Love the textures on both sides! Good one... Robyn :)
  • Rectangles
    Yes I know Heiner. It's handy to have the tools right there and even handier if they do what you want them to do. Maybe Ken can enable that...
    One way to make the outline with the rectangle tool is to narrow it to the width of the line that you want, draw 2 lines across and 2 downwards, all on different layers, then adjust their placement, and then delete/erase any overlaps. that way the rectangle or square that you make in that manner is dead straight on the page. Those other ones, that Bob and I use, waggle all over the place, although I felt there were others that didn't waggle. Can't locate them right now though. :) Robyn
  • At The Gala
    She does have a good grasp on things though Bob. :) I'm sure her long neck enables longer enjoyment of what she's drinking, and the smoke has longer to go to reach her lungs. :) kidding... Rob
  • At The Gala
    Bob she's fabulous!!! I love her. Funnily enough she looks very much like a film star who used to act a lot in TV movies, and I loved her face so much. Her nose wasn't big but the expression is spot on. I love your use of browns. :) Rob
  • dead in the water
    It makes me think of Piranhas and sunken air ships Dave, It's excellent! :) Rob
  • what you looking at
    Don this is so funny and cute. A wonderful scene. Orangutans seem to be comedians by nature and we get lots of laughs out of them. :) Robyn
  • Alley Girl
    This is excellent Bob. I wouldn't want to muss with her. I love it and I went back to look at the other one you did from your sketch and it's great to see more than one person from the same sketch. :) Rob
  • Rectangles
    In "art tools"---- "erasers", there is a rectangle eraser which can turn the shape into an outline, but not nearly precise enough at the edges. I use the lines and outlines that Bob has mentioned above. Robyn
  • Native#4
    Then 'copper do" you must Don. It's only natural to do the things you love the most first. Robyn
  • The Old Tree
    haha so true Don! :)
  • Native#4
    Another very strong and manly looking portrait Don. I can see that you would become very good at drawing people, and other things as well I think. Keep the practice up. :) Robyn.
  • Native# 3 x
    That's an amazing change Don! He looks like a different person. A very nice shape to his face and lips. I Like! Plus he looks very manly still. :) Robyn
  • The Old Tree
    I knew it would have to be Don. Adults also want that special spot to go to and a tree hut would be good for them too. :) Robyn.
  • Native#3
    Of course you could simply shorten the chin if you think it's too long. :) Robyn
  • Native#3
    I think if you copied the area from the shaped end of the nose to the bottom of lips... then paste that into an upper layer ... them move it downwards a bit, that would make the chin shorter and balance the features out. he would have a slightly longer nose. Then you use a blender or soft edged eraser to remove the excess off the pasted bit.

    You could make some single layered copies of the whole thing and practice doing that. I can show you an end result that I make if you like...

    By the way, I'm forever altering the faces that I draw, but occasionally get it right the first time. I always flip the picture horizontally to find my mistakes and I've learned to do that very early in the piece now, so that I can straighten crooked eyes etc before I finish the picture. :) Robyh
  • the bees
    Then maybe the hawks came because the crows had gone. No fights over the territory that way. :) R
  • The Old Tree
    That is something most children long for Don, but never ever get. :) R
  • the bees
    Did the hawks eat the crows? O:) Robyn
  • Twisted brush crashes when I try to load an image into a layer
    Time to go here perhaps and get Ken to help? Don't know where he is. Maybe he;s been busy making more art programs.

    Below is a copy from the link.

    Best way to get help and support
    Modified on: Tue, 20 Dec, 2016 at 5:04 PM

    For program usage information the best sources of information are:
    User Guide
    User Forum

    If you encounter an issue
    User Forum
    Support Ticket
  • Native#3
    Nice to see you draw a person Don. He looks watchful and mistrusting as people need to be on occasion, especially in that kind of life that they had. I like the touches of colour on the grays. Hmmm, pierced ears way back then! lol we thought it was new when it started down here years ago. O:) Robyn