• Bass Attack
    Whoa! He's really having a go. love what you've done with the plants Don, so pretty and inviting, until the fish attack you lol O:) Robyn
  • High Country 2
    Ah yes, nice additions Don. The cats look completely at home in their high country. Not a place to wander through perhaps. O:) Robyn
  • High Country
    Don, I like the "high country" title. it's not something I'm familiar with here. Your scene matches it very nicely. O:) Robyn .
  • not working
    Hi Surov, if I may help clarify.
    Open the Legacy section. scroll down to the end of "collections".
    The "image brush arrays - basics" is immediately below that.
    O:) Robyn
  • Mirror
    Mirrored very nicely Don. He's a very colourful character and I like him! Nice design. O:) Robyn
  • The Shopping Spree
    Thank you very much Don. I'm glad you like. O:) Robyn
  • Spring has arrived
    I remember it Vivienne and it's a lovely scene with the river running through it, and those lovely rocks scattered about with wild flowers growing here and there. Having the house there brings people into it... Love the hills and the trees too. (I wouldn't know what changes you made though). So Spring is nigh in our countries, but it is usually another month before we are really into it I think. At the mo' I'm not using a heater, getting too warm for that. O:) Robyn
  • The Shopping Spree
    Thanks a heap for loving her Vivienne. I think her smile is not as fixed in this one, which may be what you're meaning? It matches her eyes more? So with you it's a book that does the trick. It seems like a favourite thing is always what does the trick. As for garage sales, they went out of my life a long time ago. A lot of them have sold most of their choice things to people who ask to break the rules and arrive well before opening time, by arrangement with the sellers..
    Thanks for letting me know about the clarity on your PC. Strange about mine. O:) Robyn
  • Nature
    I love them both very much Dave. Two entirely different types of views of these beautiful flowery creations. The top one is loud and clear and closeup and awesome! The 2nd one is so beautiful too and has all the wild flowers that I so love. So inviting... I need these scenes outside here... O:) Rob
  • Finda
    So neat Don, an abstracty fishy miss. Mice effects! O:) Robyn
  • Blue
    LOL she's gorgeous Don! Love this lady fish. O:) Robyn
  • help and/or adavic
    I think putting more mountains right across in the BG is good Dave, otherwise the sky is sweeping down and touching the river and rocks. I really like those black rocks. O:) Robyn
  • Chicago's own king of video games,Todd Rogers, holding hundreds of records.
    He is one happy man then Don. I'm assuming this involves winning money as well, not just the game, although that is a huge thing in itself. I like your caricature of him. O:) Robyn
  • tree frog from Treedoria
    Wow! That is gorgeous Don! Beautiful scene and your frog suits that very unusual tree so well. I like your name Treedoria, and I know it's not a real live place lol O:) Robyn
  • More flowers in the woods
    Dave, you posted your scene in the category "Questions". That's why it's not showing in the Images section. I think you need to post it in the "All discussions" or the "Share artwork" areas. You had been in the "Questions" area answering a question, so must have then posted the picture in that area. You probably are aware by now anyways, but thought I'd let you know that i found where it is. O:) Rob
  • More flowers in the woods
    Well you are excused Dave This is so gorgeous! Man what I wouldn't do to live in a place full of beautiful wild flowers,especially coupled with lovely trees,rocks, water, all the lovely things we can enjoy. So delightful. :) Rob
    PS, funny that this is not showing in the image section?
  • Farewell to Fantasy
    We can't get rid of fantasy Bob.:) That would be a shame. I don't understand what your scene is really about but your lady must be giving her world up and making some changes. maybe she's saying goodbye to this our present day world,and regards it as the fantasy world, and she's going off into another world. Your wings make a very nice abstract and elegant bird duo,facing and nodding to each other. Reminds me of how the penguins nod to each other..Nice texture with Dave's brush. Very nice work.The pedestal looks great too. O:) Rob.
  • Space Frog
    I would have to do a search. I haven't seen that particular plant, but I haven't been to garden centres for years now, so have missed seeing many things. It used to be a regular haunt of mine.
    here's one growing in the bush... ... it's in the Lily family apparently. Robyn
  • Space Frog
    Well, now that you mention it... Very appropriate. lol Robyn