• Fearless
    She not only looks fearless Bob, she looks powerful. I guess the two go hand in hand? I thought of a sun goddess when I saw her headwear. Well done you. :) Rob
  • Down by the water
    A beautiful scene Don. You work the brushes so well. you have everything here to make a person feel happy. :) Robyn
  • Crystal Blue Persuasion
    Wow, a stunner Don. So pretty. Robyn :)
  • Koi pond
    Beautiful Don, what a blissful life they seem to have. Robyn :)
  • Droplets
    Don this is so beautiful. They look like gems floating out there in "nature'. Very clever work indeed. :) Robyn
  • Need advice, please...
    Hi Margaret. I just had a try and it seems the way to go about it has changed since I last posted a picture. "This is what I did.
    Go to "share artwork" in the category list on the left.
    Click on "start a new discussion".
    Fill in the title of the picture.
    fill in any comments you want to make...
    then click on the very last icon at the top of the comment box.

    Your folder of pictures from your pc will open.
    Choose the one you want and slide it across into the comment box.

    Then click on "post discussion".

    From memory, if you find that the picture is only at the bottom as a thumbnail, click on "edit' (this is hidden in the 3 little dots to the L side under where the picture should be full size..(you only have 30 minutes to edit).
    After clicking on edit, you should see an "ïnsert into image" link. Do that and then see if your picture shows as a large one.

    If there are 2 links in the box at this time, delete the original one and then submit it.

    Bob and Don are posting theirs alright so maybe they can give a better view of this problem.
    RobertLeeDavis and Don Decker

    Well that all sounds long winded to me. :) Robyn
  • Pound
    Simply beautiful Don. Super pond with all those lovely rocks to make it an interesting design. The greenery brings a lovely coolness. :) Robyn
  • Sam at 77
    You got it Don. Grey, bald, too many sugars and starches in his diet causing a billowing out ... But he's young in heart, I know... :) Robyn
  • Sam at 44
    No sign of balding yet Don. He is really cute with those chubby cheeks! he might be pondering on those youthful days gone by. :) Rob
  • Sam at 22
    Nice and youthful looking Don and a good head of scots hair to boot. He looks full of anticipation. :) Robyn
  • Branching Out
    Your scene is lovely Don and I do love the brightness of your trees. They are the king of the castle in this one. :) Rob
  • Hairball
    Ahhh hahaha. What a sight for sore eyes then Bob. :) :) :)
  • Hairball
    :-! LOL... :)
  • Art fun 2
    It does look like fun Don. Lots of lovely colours there. :) Rob
  • Hummer
    He's so lovely Bob. and cute as usual. Love the colours on him, very pretty. :) Rob
  • photo for the Dream
    They're very familiar to me Don. They make a grand show in full sun which brings the orangy colours out. :)
  • Lakeshore
    Simply awesome Don. i love this too, all of it. All the water bodies amongst the rocks are a great attraction to many.
  • Southwest
    I love this Don. Love the difference between the glowing foreground and the distant hills. :) Robyn
  • The Dream
    That is beautiful Don! They look like succulents, or maybe roses. This could be a nightmare if they spread over the entire earth. :) Rob
  • The Pink Frog
    Ah he's one cool frog Bob. They do live in a lot of green usually. Love his feet and "hands". He is uniquely yours. :) Rob