• Blackbeard
    It was worth the effort! :D :D Sneaks
  • Blackbeard
    Awesome sinister looking Blackbeard! Love the shading and especially like his beard. Great work Rob. :D :D Sneaks
  • Super Blue Blood Moon rising over Perth
    Amazing photo! Great job! :D :D Sneaks
  • Ike
    They picked up the finished print tonight. Tears. I'm so lucky to be able to do this!
  • Hairball
    LOL - Delightful! Thanks for the chuckle! I love it! :D :D Sneaks
  • Ike
    Thanks Rob! Ike crossed the rainbow bridge a couple weeks ago. I hadn't finished the portrait yet but I am so glad Lora and Hosea were having me do it. Ike was a very special rescue dog and his loss was unexpected. I'm still having fun and loving TB. :D :D Sneaks
  • Playtime
    This brings back memories. I was never big on playing with dolls but once in a while it was great fun. Love your trees! :D :D Sneaks
  • Flowery Fractals
    I love this. The colors rock. Where did you find the little squares background? I've lost it - and a gazillion other things that fell through my sieve like memory - lol. :D :D Sneaks
  • Ike
    Thanks Rita! I love hot wax. It plays well with others. :D. Thanks for taking a look and commenting. Sneaks
  • Mystery Woman
    I love this! Beautifully done. :D :D Sneaks
  • Ike
    I am so glad you liked this! Thank you very much. :D :D Sneaks
  • Ike
    Thanks Don. :D Sneaks
  • Ike
    Thanks Viv. I'm glad you like it! He was a good dog! Sneaks
  • New landscape
    The depth in this is super! I love the light play and detail you achieved. Love it!
  • Fun with strings/string mouse poll,dab mirror, strings -fun! Totem
    This is gorgeous. Ethereal. Nicely done! :D :D Sneaks
  • She Talks to Angels
    Excellent interpretation. It also led me to music that I enjoyed. Thx. :D Sneaks
  • Solitaire
    I absolutely love the red feather! Very mysterious lady. I love this piece! Good job:D :D .
  • I have been away for long!! but here is news
    Amazing as usual. I have always loved your use of colors. Congratulations on your show. Sneaks :D :D
  • Far East Rocks
    I love the depth you've achieved in this. :D :D Sneaks
  • Adaptive Entity
    Totally creepy! Nicely done Bob! :D :D Sneaks