• Blue
    i think the other one grabs me more,but maybe thats because i saw the other one first.interesting,cool eyes
  • Finda
    well thats different, i like it, idont know why thou, im assuming its a fish, good job
  • Flowers and fungi
    looks and feels like a warm summer day
  • Lunch
    i like it the bird reminds me of a childrens book id read when iwas way younger,the bird in the book looked like your bird, i remember in the book the bird was trying to eat a orange ball, this was maybe 50/60 yrs ago so i just dated myself, dont remember the name of the book thou
  • help and/or adavic
    thanks all for your thoughts, all thoughts and suggestions are welcome,and helpful, i wont get better at this try different things and experiment, but its good to hear other thoughts, so thanks,will post another view as soon as i figure out what image i want
  • something before work
    tha nks all, cant picture Australia as ever being cold always think of it as warm.maybe i should stay home and just doodle,it seems reasonable to me
  • Some Mad Wild Flowers
    when you look at it on full screen, it really pops out, i feel that i could walk around to the other side
  • Stained glass Foliage
    i thoght i was back in the sixties nice
  • Sub Conscious
    funny iwas playing around with planets the other day, this planet was one of them couldnt come up with something, but you did
  • New Mexico Mountain Landscape
    it kina reminds me of van gough,or monet, nice
  • First try with tree studio
    It looks like a Art Quilt,relly nice
  • mountain range two trees
    apparently i cant spell , s/b orange sun
    very impressive,havent tried lua filters, and i find layers a little hard to figure out, but your doodle is great
  • Trump and Tree Studio
    oh i dont think he will like that, but i do
  • Iceberg Thru The Aliens Eyeball
    very nice,why didnt i think of that, must expand my thinking, really nice
  • abstract
    i like it, it makes me think of fences,im drawn to the lower left side,not sure why
  • Forest
    very nice,i kinds expect to see something come running out of the forest
  • coming home
    nice thanks will experiment with other brushes and layers,havent quite got the hang of all the extra stuff tb has but will get there
  • Liquid Studio Pawn
    looks cool,like its floating in air, if i had done it, one it wouldnt have come out that well(someday hopefully) i think i would have had the very top slightly above the base with some small flame coming out ,like it was landing, of course then it wouldnt be a pawn, and of course you didnt ask me how i would have done it, smiling as i write this cause im over tried and im being silly, i like the picture