• At The Gala
    This reminds me of someone. An English actress I think who specializes in playing haughty ladies.
    It's the nose and the imperious facial expression....I wish I could remember who?
    Anyway great work
  • Alley Girl

    Hi Bob,
    yeah I got the grunge music reference. I do love New York though as I like big cities.
    Woods are great too unfortunately they are not easy to find in the New York metro area, its a literal concrete jungle. I feel blessed that we have a small wooded hill at the end of my street. If you photograph it carefully you can get the illusion of living in a wood :-{
  • Witch Doctor
    I'm with Bob,
    cool indeed Don
    Ralph :-)
  • Blue Reader

    yeah I agree with you Bob. I think I would go crazy if I did not work digitally with all its amazing effects, and flexibility . It takes me quite a while to finish my more complex paintings. doing it with real life media, would in some cases be impossible, and in the rest be incredibly time consuming.
  • Blue Reader

    more "squiggles" on their way :D
    Cubism, Surrealism and now Squigglism ;)
  • Alley Girl

    I suspect for plain old dirt. NYC is hard to beat :D
    It is a weird city a mixture of great beauty . and deeply ugly.
    Although to be fair it has improved a lot since 1973 when I first walked on its streets.
    it has always been a vibrant center of the arts though, as is Seattle .
  • Alley Girl
    Good urban feel Bob, has a grunge look. You see people like this in New York City on any day. they seem to fit in better on cold grim days, and inevitably they are smokers.
    Your painting always has a lot of content, shown and implied.
    Well that's how I see it anyway
    Ralph :-|
  • what you looking at
    Cute picture Don, and very nicely done.
    Ralph :D
  • Dancing Trees
    Good rhythmic painting Don.
  • Sometimes some time.

    Thanks Gale,
    good to see so many old TB Gallery friends here.
    Ralph :)
  • Alien forest
    Thanks Dave.
    Always interesting to see the separate elements that go into an artwork .
    The end result is pretty darn good too.
  • Blue Reader

    Thanks Dave,
    It feel good and "right" to be back.
  • Colours on colours
    Great work Dave. I really like this great texture and colour .
  • Barn Photo
    DUH! two different photos of the same subject, shows how observant I am :-O
    Ralph :-*
  • Barn Photo
    Somehow I did not upload my comment on this photo Don.
    So I will say (again)
    It is a really good photo, and shows you have a very good eye, for composition.
    Now all I have just got to make sure I actually "post" this comment :-|
  • 40 Ford
    I don't know much about cars, although I seem to prefer the older classics.
    I do really like the composition , nice balance between the orange car and the orang moon
  • Blue Reader

    Thanks Bob,
    For a while the skin tones were more naturalistic, but blue seemed to work better.
    I also had more colorful pattern areas, but the limited brown, reddish and yellow passages worked better in my opinion. I am always happy when the painting seems to have its own "suggestions" as to what it needs. :D
  • Blue Reader

    Thanks Isla,
    I do like using blues, as I have never seen blue as a "sad" color... purple maybe, or even red depending on the skill of the artist. Link to the saddest painting I have personally seen
    I guess colors are about what we want them to be?
    I did enjoy painting this artwork though, when I worked on the elaborate, patterns it was a pretty serene calm experience.
    Ralph :-|
  • Blue Reader

    Thanks Robyn,
    I love using patterns, to me they represent types of energy. I have always seen blue as a peaceful spiritual color, although I don't have useful definition of spiritual as I think that the word "spiritual" is fairly indefinable. I know it when I feel it though O:) !
    I don't know what kind of book she is reading, as we can learn things even from some bad books.
    I was inspire by the words from the Beatles song
    "Everywhere I go I hear it said
    In the good and bad books that I have read"
    I really do try not to think to much. about what my paintings are about, I just need to paint them the best way I can.
    Sorry probably as clear as muddy water.
    Ralph :-O
  • Blue Reader

    thanks Don I appreciate your comment.
    Ralph :)