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About Hi there to all who look... I'm aged 77 and just love Tb/Pixarra amd all it offers for our enjoyment and for the association we can have by sharing our art and conversing. TB is the very best digital art program for me and many others, and the Pro Studio is such a Wow!
I have sketched faces all of my life and studied faces and expressions with awe since I was a little girl. My sketches were always in B/W though. I was introduced to digital art in 2004, the Windows paint program which hasn't got much to it, then introduced to TB in 2006. Being able to use awesome colours so freely was such a Wow for me, and still is, so I use a lot of bright colours in most of my art.
I just love to make faces up... so I never ever look at a reference photo etc. All of my people are completely out of my imagination, not from memory, and I simply start drawing a shape with the mouse and whatever eventuates just comes naturally. So the people I draw are completely original and hand drawn. My style is "picture book" or "story book" style. For the BG's I will use filters occasionally, and also the particle brushes at times, which means I didn't draw that tree etc. :D
An interview with me here, which tells more about me and my art. Scroll down a little bit.

I hope that all will let their own personalities come out in their work and otherwise. It's the best way to grow in our artwork. Also for ones who are newer at using digital art, and don't feel that they are as good at it as others, don't fret and feel inferior because we all had to start as newbies and we have all improved immensely over the years. When I look back to what I put out there years ago I am astonished haha it wasn't very good at all, (it still has a long way to go) but people encouraged me and that helped me to grow. I like to encourage others and I see something good in all that is offered in the gallery.
To view everyone's pictures in one lot, click on their avatar or name, which will take you to their profile page, then click on "Uploads" in the L hand menu. BTW the bottom picture in my lot isn't mine, it belongs to Dave, but I used it to show him something, and now it's in my picture list.

Have a brilliant time here... :) Rob or Robyn, whichever you wish.
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