• Ken Carlino
    TwistedBrush Liquid Studio 2.09 is now available and can be downloaded from the Pixarra website at http://www.pixarra.com/download.html

    Here is What's New In 2.09

    * Added - Quick Command panel now avialable from the View menu!

    * Added - 5 User ArtSets added with the ability to save (and delete with right mouse click) brushes in them.

    * Added - Brush Effects panel available allowing for full brush editing!

    * Added - Full Screen (hide panels) feature. Hotkey F3.

    * Added - Move Page to Page 1 added as a menu item in Page Explorer.

    * Added - Tracing Paper support added.

    * Added - Brush tool menu item

    * Added - UI Color Themes, Light, Light Gray and Slate added.

    * Added - Internal addition: Brush effect "Reload Shape" to allow for high quality shape rotation.

    * Added - Internal addition: Brush effect "VM Percentage 1000" to allow value modification up to 1000 percent.

    * Added - Internal addition: Brush effects "Snap X" and "Snap Y" to snap dabs to an alignment.

    * Added - Internal addition: Brush effect "Bristle Uniform"

    * Improved - Drawing tablet quality improvement to never automatically revert a stroke to compatibility mode!! Compatibility mode results in curved lines being much less smooth.

    * Improved - Layer count increased to 10 on normal or high resolution displays.

    * Improved - Tools now have unique cursors when active.

    * Improved - Some performance improvement when moving pages in the Page Explorer

    * Improved - 4 additional backup versions of each page will now be saved. (.bak1, .bak2, .bak3 and .bak4). These are only manually accessible from the Windows File Explorer.

    * Improved - Lines are subpixel centered to allow for more consistent results.

    * Improved - For modal dialogs pressing Enter while in a text entry field will result in the Ok button.

    * Improved - For modal dialogs pressing Esc while in a text entry field will result in the Cancel button.

    * Improved - Code signing the install program for greater protection and ease to installation.

    * Changed - Reduced time threshold for non-dynamic tool shortcut key press to 220 millisec.

    * Changed - Drawing tablets are always treated as absolutely positioned even if set to relative in the tablet control panel.

    * Changed - Allow 3 columns of brushes in ArtSets

    * Changed - Default behavior for Tools is non-dynamic

    * Changed - Underlying tools migrated to current Windows.

    * Changed - Removed dependency on directplay therefore legacy components don't need to be enabled for Windows 10.

    * Changed - Updated dialog sizes to account for modern Windows frame padding.

    * Fixed - Updated links in the Help menu for the new support center and forum

    * Fixed - Drawing a single dab at position 0,0 was not working.

    * Fixed - When switching applications at times the key selections where not cleared resulting in color picker actions when not intended.

    * Fixed - Handling of Alt, Shift and Ctrl keys has been changed to address issues of those keys incorrectly being detected as pushed.

    * Fixed - Compatibility with Microsoft Input Panel has been resolved. Easier to run on tablet PCs now.

    * Fixed - Crash if showing Windows desktop when the Select Brush panel was active.


    Ken Carlino
  • Ken Carlino
    Upgrade information will be sent in email soon.

  • Willabong
    Ken, I only bought Liquid Studio a couple of days ago, and now I see that there is a new version available, and my registration code doesn't work with it? It seems very unfair to expect a person to pay to upgrade when if they had known there was a new version in a couple of days, they would have waited for this!
  • Ken Carlino
    @Willabong We always offer a 3 month recent purchase free upgrade for users.Email with the details of your purchase and a free upgrade key will be given.

  • Willabong
    Thank you Ken, that is good news!
  • Willabong
    Just recieved my e-mail, version 2 now up and running!
  • Ken Carlino
    Great, enjoy!
  • Louis Hazard
    When should we expect the upgrade email?
  • Ken Carlino
    All upgrade emails have been sent. If you didn't receive it check your spam folder and if still missing please email me at with the original order details or email address used for the purchase..

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