• evielouise
    I've not sued anyone in my life time I'm 80 yrs of age and really fed up with being charged on my bank for things I didn't get I'm foolish it's my own fault as I took a change to trust for the last time
    The License for TB # 23.0--whatever, was changed ...and I never got the changes I was suppose to get when you announced that all people have 23.0--- something?? would need a new license to continue
    I ordered on your BLACKFRIDAY deal and was also charged to WF bank they have suggested if downloads are not fortified to let them know ..On the last deal through your BLACKFRIDAY special I have put in a ticket 3 times nobody even at YOUR PERSONAL email has NOT answered me and settled the problem :The only thing to do is to report your programs and the company for poor
    action with anyone etc etc to the BBB.thank you Evelyn Abasta AKA Evie
  • evielouise
    Upgrades for existing Users? Requested help (another one for 4 days ago
    Well I had a problem maybe 1 year ago and lost money Now I took a change and thought I would trust again looks like it was another wrong move (but I hope not ) I ordered and pay for your BLACKFRIDAY deal of $49"Bundle" just for a try out and POOF! I keep getting the run around ticket has been processed etc etc please look into this for me yours truly Evelyn Abasta
  • RobertLeeDavis
    Evie, I hope you get a reasonable response. Users who have supported this platform - some of us for many years and many applications - deserve much better support than we have been seeing. It takes nearly no time and effort to send an email.

  • Sandra
    With the 'silly season' upon us (First Thanksgiving, now heading into the Christmas/Yule/Saturnalia season) it might take Ken a longer than usual to answer. TwistedBrush and all the other painting programs aren't his full time job. He's really good at support, but as I typed, we're now into the silly season where workloads are heavier and there is always more planning to do.

    Just give it a bit of time.

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