• Steve Bowman
    There was some discussion of this on the previous forum I believe.

    There is currently no way of making a copy of a multi-layered page and pasting as a new page with all the layers intact. You can't do it from the menu. You cant do it from the page explorer. The page explorer would be the most convenient place to be able do it.

    I'm currently attempting to use TB to paint frames of animations I am working on. I use the Automation - PNGFilesToLayers option to import the animation frames. I really need to be able to make a copy of the page at various stages of the process.

    Copy Page/Paste Page would also fulfil the previously requested functionality to be able to move pages between Books. This is another feature I could really do with.

    Hope you can help
  • RobertLeeDavis
    Steve, I think that's a great suggestion. I do it by saving each page(save points) as a '.tbr' file and load that into the next page in the book. You probably already thought of that. Your way would be great. While I have my brain switched on, I'd like to be able to lock selected layers together to be able to perform the same operations on the set - like move, rotate, erase, filters, etc. I thought this fit well with your suggestion and might be handy for what you are doing too.

  • Robyn
    I also think it's a great idea Steve. I do as Bob does and save a tbr file to my desk top and then bring it back into a new page, all layers intact. It's no problem for me as I don't need to do it often, but I can imagine someone needing lots of layered copies at various stages of the work, it could/would be a bother. Maybe there is a magical answer to this somewhere. Robyn
  • Steve Bowman
    Thanks for the feedback people. I can't believe I've missed the save as a .tbr file option. When loaded back in all the layers are right there. It's little long winded but nothing compared to some of the jumping thru hoops I've had to do since starting messing with animation. It still makes a lot of sense to be able to do it in Page Explorer (and it's not as if Ken has much else to do ... ??!!)
    Oh, and I like the idea of being able to perform actions on multiple layers.
    I'd like to be able to toggle all layers visible/invisible with one click from the layers window. I realise I'm probably the only person that would benefit, but no harm asking.

  • Robyn
    That's great Steve. I didn't have a clue about tbr files for years, until I read something in the old forum about it. :s Ken is indeed a busy person... but very accommodating when he can be as well. Robyn
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