• Robyn
    I posted the top part of this picture years back and it was about the elite at school who bullied anyone they thought were less than themselves. More recently there was a young lass who had started secondary school and was in the third form, the inhabitants of this form being generally known as "turd" formers. She was picked on by a few bullies at school and down at the shopping centre.. She was called a slut, whore and a host of other names, all of which were not true. (3rd formers are aged 12 -13). This is the general behaviour by bullies at school and once these younger ones become 4th formers the bullying usually stops, but not so in this case. I guess she was easy to victimise. One day her big sister came across them bullying her in a shop, still calling her horrible names, and big sister really gave it to them, threatening all sorts of action if they didn't stop completely for all time. Well that worked and they ignored her completely after that. I asked how she was getting on some time later expecting to hear the relief that it was all over, but no, she was missing it!!!! All that time she was smugly enjoying the attention. I can only surmise that as she was a latch key kid she needed a bit more attention than she was currently getting. Thanks for listening, I find situations like this interesting, so added her smug little self in with the larger than life bullies.(I also had to improve the bullies a little bit too after all these years). Hope you like it TB folk. My regards to all, Rob/yn. (L)

    The Elite and the Smug tb (59K)
  • Don Decker
    The things people do,good work,Don
  • Vivienne
    I vaguely remember something like this before but not sure. How very true that this goes on today, the elite and the ones they pick on. Such a sad story Robyn, that poor girl was definitely looking for attention and she must have really enjoyed all the nasty attention she was getting just because she was being noticed. I love your painting depicting this sorry state of affairs. I like the faces of the snobby elite ones but the smile on the face of the smug one says she has it over them. So maybe she was the winner after all in some small way. Love the work you have put into this.
  • RobertLeeDavis
    You nailed those expressions. As always. Good mood colors too.

    Humans. You got bad ones and you got good ones. I wish the average was higher.

  • Robyn
    Thanks very much Don. I'm glad you like it. So many subjects out there on what people do, millions and millions !! O:) Robyn
  • Robyn
    Thanks a lot Vivienne. Yes, it was going on way back when we were at school and still continues on but a whole lot worse now it seems. "the smug one has it over them... Yes! I was going to write that she won, and I'm glad you saw that. Years ago I knew a wee boy who used to wet his pants at an age when he shouldn't (4 yrs old I think). His step mother never touched him if she could help it, no cuddles etc... so what better way to get attention even though it was many times a smack. But at least she had to attend to him this way. Really sad!
    The original Elite pic came to the tips of their shoulders. I lengthened it by adding a border, lengthening their tops, and then added the smug bit. O:) Rob
  • Robyn
    Thanks so much Bob, for thinking I did good. I can't seem to resist various colours for skin, have done green ones, red ones, purples... :)
    There is something wrong with all of us of course, and the really bad people and bad happenings seem as though they are in the higher percentage, but I reckon it's because they get the most publicity, as people just love to share the bad. When there is a sharing of the good things done, the shock factor isn't there he he... people love to be shocked. I could be wrong again of course. O:) Rob
  • RobertLeeDavis
    Rob, y'know, you make those skin tones work so well that the colors always seem right. I went to look at some of your others and didn't realize the range and intensity of the colors you've used. That's pretty cool.

  • shutterbuggy
    Beautiful work, as usual, Rob. Great lips on smuggy faces. I like the beads/sequins on the upper left eyelid.

    I talked about bullies with a friend the other day. We're 20 years apart in age, but identical in this respect: Neither of us witnessed any type of bullying throughout our schooling. I saw two female classmates engage in a wicked physical fight with hair pulling and blouse tearing. I saw two boys pummel each other with their fists for a few minutes before their violent behavior was stopped by teachers. My friend and I were blessed.

    Happy painting,
  • Robyn
    Thanks for your interest Bob! So I went and looked at them too and there is a green one there but she's from the elfin world so it was to show the Irish in her. In the original TB, (that got blown up), I posted a girl with a bright green face in the early days and was surprised that the onlookers didn't mind it at all and gave me good comments. lol So I ventured into red, bright pink etc. Sometimes I would just be doodling with a bright colour and somehow it ends up being a good face shape, so I think I might as well put features in it as well, then if it turns out good enough I end up posting it. Many times it's all on one layer so it's too hard to change the skin colour. If I used other layers to draw the features in I can re-colour the skin just fine. I just love drawing faces! :) Rob
  • Robyn
    Thanks a lot Rita. I had fun with this one and would like to do more in a different style but find it hard to think of something new. lol The bullies are generally in the 4th and 5th forms, aged 14-15. it's good that you were spared. Those incidents you saw were all out fights, more on an equal par I expect. those sort usually have an audience egging them on. :) Bullies can smell the vulnerable and target them. If 'you' have no fight in you, you could be a great target for them. I was targeted all my life, even as an older person people think they can target me but I do have some fight in me now and they will never know when I will strike back, which I've done a few times now. he he it worked too. O:) Rob
  • Isla
    Hi Rob.

    Appreciate your story attached to your lovely looking young ladies with the right colours to illustrate your theme. I was lucky and did not personally strike any bullying at all - which probably explains why I loved all my school years. In fact am still in touch with a number of friends from my days at Hutt Valley High School, and when we have a catch-up when in an area one of us lives it's as though we've never been away. We do however remain in touch via emails etc. a we are spread all over the North Island.
    Others, however are not so lucky and in these days of texting, Facebook etc. on cell phones it is all to easy to bully someone with words. Not good at all.

    Cheers Isla
  • Robyn
    Thanks a lot for thinking so Isla. It certainly makes a difference as to the loving or hating of going to school. Also depends on your personality. I hated school from tiny tots to aged 15 when I walked out one day... :) That's great for you to have them as friends still. The social media and cell phone bullying is rife and has caused suicides even. The ugly things being said in almost all threads that I read are astounding, and I reckon that many of the ones doing it have no confidence in themselves, and by bringing others down they are building themselves up. There are other reasons as well of course. I'm still very glad I don't go to school lol. I had to be in tutor school sometimes when I went nursing though, but had to get through that to continue on. O:) Rob
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