• Jane Spaullding
    I just updated my computer and need to reinstall software. (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit) My virus software, Webroot is reporting that this application is infected with w32.autoit . Care to explain what this is and why it is there?
  • Ken Carlino
    Virus scanner very often report false positives. I always encourage users to submit programs that are flagged to https://virustotal.com/ where it can be scanned by many scanners.

    In this specific case it is *possible* that webroot is worried about the Windows automation tool Autoit that part of the installation. That is used for automating some of the file handling aspects of TwistedBrush.

  • Jane Spaullding
    Webroot does occasionally pick up false positives. Now I just need to remember how to submit this to them for review so I can install the program again. I can never remember how to do this and I have needed to 2 other times. Thanks for the quick response.
  • Jane Spaullding
    I have a reply from Webroot.

    Our Threat Research department has decided to block AutoIt3.exe due to its malicious uses. We do understand that some companies choose to use it even though there is a security risk in doing so. If you do want to continue to use AutoIt3, you can create an override for the file in the console. Please note however that if a malicious script created by AutoIt3 enters the system, Webroot SecureAnywhere will no longer be able to protect the users from it.

    ou may un-quarantine and restore the file that was quarantined by the Webroot SecureAnywhere software if you have not already done so. To restore the file:

    1. Open on the cog icon next to PC Security.
    2. Click the Quarantine tab.
    3. Click the check box next to the filename, then click Restore.

    Now that this change is in effect, we request that you run another scan of your computer (click "Scan My Computer" on the main overview window). If the same detection occurs, please let us know immediately.

    Thank you,

    Webroot Advanced Malware Removal Team"
  • Ken Carlino
    Hi Jane,

    Good to see that Webroot was quick to respond. If you would rather not keep autoit on your system you can delete it from your computer. It's not a vital component in TwistedBrush.

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